Make everyone feel
healthy, happy, and safe
Give your customers the
confidence to return
With the end of COVID finally in sight, it’s time to get customers back into your business.

Hotels and restaurants need to make it clear to their customers that they are being proactive in keeping their customers safe. The Lumisan system is the only building management system with health and wellness at its core.

Increase sales by communicating the health and safety of your facility while realizing significant ROI through the automation of your guest-rooms, air and water systems, and lighting.

System Benefits
Wireless IoT is less costly to install
Automating energy intensive systems produces rapid ROI
Saves time and maintenance costs with real time feedback on building systems
Monitoring critical systems reduces liability
Better analytics enables better planning of operational needs
Insurance analysis suggests
water losses are roughly 50% of all insurance claims and claim payouts
with business interruption a large part of the total losses.
Hartford Insurance says that approximately 75% of all property losses in the real estate industry are due to accidental discharge related to plumbing, HVAC systems and appliances.

A U.S. Dept of Energy study found savings percentages commensurate with of between 10% and 30% by automating environmental controls.

While savings varied significantly room-to-room and over any given period, the aggregated savings by hotel varied between a low of 10.8% and a high of 26.5%. The annual energy savings per guestroom included heating, cooling, and fan energy use.

A 10% reduction in energy consumption would have the same financial effect as increasing the average daily room rate (ADR) by $0.62 in limited-service hotels and by $1.35 in full-service hotels.

With our proprietary software and hardware solutions, Lumisan has the ability to lower your infrastructure costs while improving the health and wellness of your space.