Create tomorrow’s
Creating a safer, happier,
more productive jobsite

When COVID forced our nation’s workplaces to close, it illustrated the need for better safety and responsiveness to employee concerns in our industrial settings.

Lumisan automation addresses this need head on.

By automating sanitization through the safe and controlled use of UVC, creating healthier and more productive environments using circadian wellness lighting, and giving facilities managers the metrics they need to keep operations running smoothly and efficiently, we help you realize savings on both utilities usage and employment retention and productivity.

System Benefits
Wireless IoT is less costly to install
Automating energy intensive systems produces rapid ROI
Saves time and maintenance costs with real time feedback on building systems
Monitoring critical systems reduces liability
Better analytics enables better planning of operational needs
Automation ROI

Harvard School of Public Health found that participants in green building environments with reduced volatile organic compounds (VOCs) levels and low to moderate CO2 levels, as compared to the conventional building, averaged 61% higher cognitive test scores.

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory identified that improvements in indoor air quality could improve workforce performance by up to 10%.

CBTech “Refinery of the future” quotes specific IIoT benefits achieved such as 400% increase in efficiency, 90% reduction in time to file compliance evidence, 89% reduction in inspection time and 75% reduction in time to identify malfunctions.

Circadian lighting systems improve performance of industrial spaces through faster cognitive processing, increased alertness in the morning, reduced hyperactivity and a reduction in errors and accidents.

With our proprietary software and hardware solutions, Lumisan has the ability to lower your infrastructure costs while improving the health and wellness of your space.