Creating the classrooms
of tomorrow
Schools across the country are desperately seeking to reassure parents, teachers and students that it’s safe to return to class.

It’s more important than ever to take control over the vital systems that govern health and safety indoors and communicate this to the public.

Improving air circulation by automating HVAC systems, using advanced lighting technologies to achieve better student performance and sanitization, and giving facilities better information to maintain building systems are some of the benefits to expect using the Lumisan System.

System Benefits
Wireless IoT is less costly to install
Automating energy intensive systems produces rapid ROI
Saves time and maintenance costs with real time feedback on building systems
Monitoring critical systems reduces liability
Better analytics enables better planning of operational needs
Automation ROI

Students and faculty benefit from circadian lighting through faster cognitive processing, increased alertness in the morning and reduced hyperactivity.

Every dollar spent on preventive maintenance yields $4 in savings by avoiding the costs of future repair or replacement of building systems.

Improving air quality increases attendance rates, which increase state revenues by $35 per student per day gained with an average additional revenue of $100K per school.

Water sensors installed at a school district revealed that 6 out of 7 schools had ongoing leaks. Water was also being used 72% of the time, well above the 30% benchmark. After receiving alerts and taking steps to resolve these issues, school administrators were able to achieve ROI for product purchase in just 17 days with average savings of $50K per year for a school district.

With our proprietary software and hardware solutions, Lumisan has the ability to lower your infrastructure costs while improving the health and wellness of your space.