Make “welcome back to the office” feel welcoming
Get your employees and tenants safely back to the office
The post covid workplace will look dramatically different than the office landscape of 2 years ago.

In the new work environment, more managers are looking to institute hot-desking and other cost saving measures to accommodate a changing workforce. This makes it a perfect time to introduce an automation system that saves on cap ex, reduces energy use, and helps to manage your workforce.

System Benefits
Wireless IoT is less costly to install
Automating energy intensive systems produces rapid ROI
Saves time and maintenance costs with real time feedback on building systems
Monitoring critical systems reduces liability
Better analytics enables better planning of operational needs
The US Energy Information Administration states that
17% of all electricity consumed in U.S. commercial buildings is for lighting
making it the largest end-use of electricity.
Based on JLL’s famous 3/30/300 rule,
here’s the value of productivity:

In general, organizational expenses per square foot (annually) break down with $3 for utilities, $30 for rent/mortgage and $300 for payroll.

The average commercial building is a little over 15,000 square feet (as per the US Energy Information Administration). Using the 3/30/300 proportions, the annual spending for a business in an average building should roughly break down to $45,000 on utilities, $450,000 on rent and $4,500,000 on employees. (The total amount adds up to $4,995,000).

Reducing utility costs by 50 percent saves this company $22,500 annually. Improve space utilization by 10 percent and they save $45,000. Increase employee productivity or reduce sick days by 5 percent and the company saves $225,000.

With our proprietary software and hardware solutions, Lumisan has the ability to lower your infrastructure costs while improving the health and wellness of your space.