& Control
Lumisan OS is a 21st Century
automation platform built to maximize
efficiency, safety, and health.
Environmental systems to increase health, safety and wellness
Data from sensors is received by Lumisan Hub and transferred to cloud servers for analysis
Analysis is collated into Data Visualizations to be served up on digital signage and personal devices
Algorithms optimize behaviors based on past performance in order to increase wellness metrics
Wellness metrics to employees and visitors
Health Metrics displayed around the indoor environment using public-facing screens and kiosks
Simple Feedback Tools for Users to alert facilities managers of problems in the environment
Web Portal showing health scores and metrics of locations around the area
Push Notifications when key areas have been cleaned and are safe & healthy to use
IoT Infrastructure for environmental systems
Integrate with other commercial management systems
Compatible with dozens of control protocols
Decentralized Lumisan IoT Hub can be standalone or integrated around the area
Compatible with thousands of 3rd party devices and sensors
Employees and managers to optimize workflow
In depth Management Console for facility managers
Push Notifications for maintenance crews
Ticketing System for Users of a space to report problems around the area
Scheduling System that responds to environmental factors in real time
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