Getting your people back inside safely
Communicating health & safety
to your customers and employees
Lumisan Personnel Management
From maintenance staff to grounds crews, you can make your entire team healthier and more efficient.

With all of the changes that came about because of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s clear that making people feel comfortable indoors is paramount to getting back to business. Communicating health and wellness metrics to your customers and employees shows them that your space is clean, healthy, and safe.

Lumisan makes the human element a core part of your healthy environment and shows the world how safe and healthy your indoor space is.

Get your entire team
working together
Effectively managing your maintenance team is paramount to maintaining a healthy environment

Just-in-time maintenance saves money, time, and makes your operation run smoothly. But it only works when maintenance and replacements are only utilized when they’re necessary. This is only possible when managers have data showing them the status of your environmental systems in real time and employees have feedback on the tasks at hand.

Lumisan systems allows this next generation of efficiency through the collection and distribution of metrics and management tools specifically tailored for your business.